At Mummaa Bear, we believe that quality of early childhood education & development depends on the strong connection between parents & pre-school.  It is through parents that children gain their first exposure to the world; their behavioural patterns are developed by the parents as well. Hence, we make sure that there is an active integration of parent inputs and regular involvement during a child’s learning period at Mummaa Bear. Our well-structured parental participation program strengthens parents and increases student achievement.

Parent Orientation Program: Parents are invited to the center twice a year, where they are briefed about the curriculum, our teaching methodology as well as our policies and procedures in place.


Parent-Teacher Meet: Parent Teacher Meet is held three times during the school year. Teachers will show parents their child’s work and have a discussion about their child’s progress. Feedback on every aspect of school will be taken for better serving the kids.


Culmination Day: Conducted at the end of each study (normally once in a month). On this day, parents are invited to the school to go through children’s work as well to witness the children on what they have learned during the study.


Parents Volunteering: Parents are invited to volunteer in events, celebrations & festivals and school activities.





Address: #08, Najier S4 Properties, Part 41, P. Janardhan Reddy Nagar,

(Besides Babukhan Solitaire, Lane Opp. Meenakshi Bamboos, Adjacent AIG Hospital),

Near New Deloitte Campus, Gachibowli, Ranga Reddy(D), Greater Hyderabad - 500032.

Ph. +91-8247853896


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